Montag, 5. Januar 2009

I thought you might like that, some impressions from my last visit to Salem,MA
Ich dachte Ihr mögt vielleicht ein paar Eindrücke sehen von meinem letzten Besuch in Salem, Massachussets...

I created "Samantha´s Witchery" in collaboration with my son Marius (an art student, but temporary in the german Army),he did all the scetches, inclusive the "old" paper rolls hidden in the store, in this vignette.
Here is Sam´s Story:
Samanta is upset, she´s angry, almost every day she has to take care of her little baby brother. He is to young to play with, he´s sleeping all the time, except he is eating or get´s new pampers because of tooo much pooo or peee, while her mom is in her magical Witchery store selling great stuff to real witches.
This is why Samata had the idea to create a little store by herself and sell great witchery stuff to the folks at the Goblin market , okay she hasn´t the experience like her mother and not the right goodies.... but Sam´s very clever and so she´s trying to sell some interesting selfmade stuff which she finds very similar to her mom´s magical things in her Witchery

Samantha, original OOAK, measures about 18",dressed in hand dyed silk velvets ,human hair, green german glass eyes,added eyelashes, her wooden store can be opened, her babybrother " the Alraune/ Mandrake or Mandragora ( a magic plant which roots do look like a wrinkled ugly baby) is fully sculpted, the tiny fairy beside him is also full sculted
-the fakes are: "Frogprince"( costumed toad), "the Crow"(costumed and painted bird), "green dragon"(green painted snail in golden cage),"Love potion"( oooh I would´nt taste it !!!LOL),"Leprechaun´s pot of gold" etc.

Sonntag, 4. Januar 2009

This is the special site just for introducing my witches to you.
I hope you´ll enjoy the pics.
Diese Seite ist speziel angelegt um meine Hexen vorzustellen, ich hoffe Euch gefällt sie.