Dienstag, 21. April 2009

Miniature Witches

Since I decided to works also in 1/12th scale I created a lot of miniature witches which probably should have a tiny place here at the Witches Blog too.... Okay here are some portraits of them for you...please keep in mind they are just about 3"-6" small.

Seitdem ich mich dazu entschieden habe auch in Miniatur 1:12 zu arbeiten, sind jede Menge Hexen entstanden. Diese sollten allerdings auch hier im Hexen Blog ein Mini-Plätzchen bekommen, oder ?
Hier sind nun einige ihrer Portraits. Bitte vergeßt nicht sie sind bloß 9-16cm klein.


  1. Wow Silke you have been busy . My favourites are the little witch with the red hair and that knitting witch, she looks a proper little wicked witch!!Love them all though! Kate and John xx

  2. Thanks so much my dears ! I wish all those tiny witches could do some magic spells or some dances around their cauldron to help with all the house work ;o) I´m sure you all could need some help too... I just mention Debbie´s house and Kate & John with their neighbors !!! ;o)

  3. Silke, i love all your witches but i especially love your older witches and all their wrinkles.
    Hope all your moving goes well.
    Nikki x

  4. Oh, ich kann Deine Hexen auch sooooooooo gut und wenn nicht noch mehr leiden. Habe eine Favoritin. Und ich kann mir sehr gut vorstellen, dass Du schon weißt, um welche es sich handeln könnte.

    das Lotti

  5. Hello! I see you joined my blog! You are such an artist! I am flattered that you would consider following me! I am putting you on my site for great places to visit! How did you find me? Keep up the magic of fairies!! Anita

  6. Fab blog page! Will visit back when I have more time xx Kat the 'Witches' hat lady

  7. I love your site!!!! Truly amazing dolls. I love this blogging stuff. your site is beautiful. As you will see I have a lot to learn about blogging BTW witches are my favorite doll to make.

  8. Your Dolls are Beautiful! What talented and gifted girl you are!

  9. You've won a Wicked Blog Award 2010 prize! See my latest entry.


    / L

  10. You welcome! :)

    Make more updates! xD